Trivia 2019 Week 15

When did Sepp Ruschp arrive in Stowe?

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  1. John Thurgood says:

    Sepp Ruschp came to Stowe in 1937 upon the invite of the Mt Mansfield Ski Club. He was met at the train station by sponsor and friend Frank E. Griffin. The next morning after his arrival he asked, “where are the mountains>?”

    Ski Pioneers of Stowe, 83 and 84, 2014.

    Hope to see you at the Octagon soon.

  2. Lyndall P Heyer says:

    Sepp came in the winter of 1936, which is when he established the Sepp Ruschp ski school. Also that year saw the first lift built – a rope tow on the Toll House slopes. ( From Edwin Bigelow’s book: Stowe Vermont A History of the Ski capital of the East). My father, who built The Ski Inn which he opened on Pearl Harbor day in 1941 ,was very thankful to Sepp for bringing down a handful of letters from skiers who had written him looking for a place to stay. Sepp dropped them off saying, in essence, that there was no housing at the mountain and that Larry should follow up and get his business started.

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