Welcome to Are You a Retro-Skier?

The Quiz has 11 total questions. On most questions you will check all the boxes that apply. Your score will be totaled and determine where you are on the Retro-Skier scale. NOTE: Some younger folks may find questions where they do not check any boxes!

There are 60 total points.  How do you rate?

  • Greater than 45 points – you are the ultimate Retro-Skier and should be writing this blog!
  • 35-45 points – You’re a Retro-Skier!  (I scored a 43!)
  • 15-34 points – You’re a Retro-Skier with an *, sort of like Barry Bonds’ home run record.
  • Less than 15 points – It’s great to be young!  See all the things you missed.