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Remembering 1970s Vail

This week’s trivia asked what ski area had a trail named Tourist Trap. Bob Lefsetz and Kitty Coppock both identified Vail as the home of Tourist Trap. Kitty says, “A deliciously moguled part of Riva Ridge at Vail. It trapped… Continue Reading →

Trivia 2022 Week 15

What ski area has a trail named Tourist Trap?

Aspen Celebrates 75 Years!

Back in January of this year I received a YouTube notification about a video of a 1963 performance by the Chad Mitchell Trio singing “Super Skier!” At one point in the song the lyrics include “folks up on Little Nell… Continue Reading →

Super Skier!

“Super Skier” performed by the Chad Mitchell Trio

Trivia 2022 Week 14

What ski area is home to Little Nell?

When Alpine Ski Racing Was King!

Jumping was the first popular skiing competition here in the United States, but gradually alpine skiing began to take over that title. As you might expect, competitive alpine skiing began with what we now call downhill, a race from the… Continue Reading →

Harris Hill 2022

Last week I wrote about Harris Hill celebrating 100 years of ski jumping. This past weekend at Harris Hill there was more to celebrate than 100 years. I don’t need to remind you of the weather last Thursday into Friday…. Continue Reading →

Trivia 2022 Week 13

Who was the last alpine skier to win 3 gold medals in a single Olympics?

When Ski Jumping Was King!

For those of us who started skiing in our backyards, the first step was to find a hill to ski down. The second step was to build a jump on that hill! So it’s no surprise that in the history… Continue Reading →

Trivia 2022 Week 12

Where is Vermont’s only 90 meter ski jump?

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