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Trivia 2020 Week 5

What Italian ski boot company built a ski boot manufacturing facility in Essex, Vermont?

Nordica’s “Banana” Boot

The “yellow banana” was actually the Astral Slalom model which was introduced in 1972. Its bright yellow color caught people’s eye and, of course, generated the nickname that people still recall. Nordica smartly picked up on the nickname and used… Continue Reading →

Trivia 2020 Week 4

What company made the “yellow banana” ski boot?

Dick Buek

We’ve all been there. You’re skiing along in control and then something happens. Maybe it’s an icy spot; maybe it’s a bump; maybe you’re leaning too far inside; or leaning too far back; or maybe a snow snake bit you…. Continue Reading →

Trivia 2020 Week 3

The 1952 National Alpine Championships were held in Stowe. Who was the United States National Downhill Champion? (Note: That means the top finishing U.S. racer in the downhill.)

The Real American Downhiller

Last spring thanks to Ski Essential’s weekly Top 5 Fridays email blast, I came across a video entitled “The American Downhiller.” It chronicles via footage and interviews some of the history of U.S. male skiers who have dedicated themselves to… Continue Reading →

Trivia 2020 Week 2

Who was the first American to win the Hahnenkamm downhill?

Green Mountains, White Gold

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! My wife and I snuck in a couple of runs Thanksgiving morning before heading off for our turkey. Speaking of turkeys, based on the abilities of the folks skiing Thanksgiving morning and where… Continue Reading →

Trivia 2020 Week 1

Who made the first documented skiing descent of Mount Mansfield? And for a bonus, in what year was it?

Thankful for Skiing!

Happy Thanksgiving! I’m back for another season of skiing history and trivia. For the second year in a row, this early winter has a “Retro” feel to it: cold weather and early snow! Hopefully it’s the harbinger for a good… Continue Reading →

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