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Trivia 2024 Week 14

Who was Perry Merrill?

Olympics, Farming and More

This column is going to be a medley of unrelated topics. And I’m going to start with a topic that isn’t about skiing or history, although it may be about history in the making. While Vermont has produced more than… Continue Reading →

Trivia 2024 Week 13

When was the first Stowe Derby?

Bill Jenkins

Bill Jenkins Jr. is one of the few, maybe even the only person to have literally built a ski area from the ground up. Most people start with a mountain or a hill, but Jenkins turned a flat piece of… Continue Reading →

Trivia 2024 Week 12

What lost Vermont ski area had a vertical of 31 feet 6.5 inches?

Billy Kidd

When Mark Anderson answered one of my trivia questions a couple of weeks back, he also shared some interesting statistics he had discovered. “In all, the USA has won 47 Olympic alpine ski medals – only behind Austria (121), Switzerland… Continue Reading →

Trivia 2024 Week 11

Where were the 1964 Winter Olympics held?

Cowboys, Big Mountain Skiers, and Lawyers

“I spent a season there one week!” That’s always been my canned response when anyone asks me if I’ve skied Jackson Hole. On my first ski trip to Jackson in 1971, it was raining when we arrived which actually led… Continue Reading →

Trivia 2024 Week 10

We’re approaching the 60th anniversary of Billy Kidd winning the Silver medal in the 1964 Olympic slalom. So in anticipation, this week’s trivia question is: Who won the men’s Gold in the slalom at the 1964 Winter Olympics?

Spider Sabich – Claudine Longet

So far in this Retro-Ski season my Trivia questions haven’t generated many responses. So last week I chose a sure-fire question that I could count on for responses. “Who shot Spider Sabich?” And my readers didn’t disappoint! I heard from… Continue Reading →

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