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Trivia 2022 Week 20

The Easter Sunrise service on Mount Mansfield returns on April 17th after a two year hiatus due to COVID. What year was the first sunrise service held on Mount Mansfield?

Trivia 2022 Week 19

Rather than a trivia question I’m looking for your input. Top sheet design on skis has become a big thing these days so I’m asking: What were your favorite top sheets from the Retro-Ski years, 1950s through the 1980s? I’ll… Continue Reading →

Trivia 2022 Week 18

Who was the women’s winner of the Stowe Sugar Slalom in 1952, some 70 years ago?

Trivia 2022 Week 17

In what year did the first Stowe gondola start operating?

Trivia 2022 Week 16

When was Amazon founded?

Trivia 2022 Week 15

What ski area has a trail named Tourist Trap?

Trivia 2022 Week 14

What ski area is home to Little Nell?

Trivia 2022 Week 13

Who was the last alpine skier to win 3 gold medals in a single Olympics?

Trivia 2022 Week 12

Where is Vermont’s only 90 meter ski jump?

Trivia 2022 Week 11

In what year did the Stowe Derby start?

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