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Trivia 2023 Week 19

When was the Salomon SX 91 ski boot introduced?

Trivia 2023 Week 18

Who was the ski instructor that wrote the book “Skiing Simplified” in 1970? (He was also the commentator on the 1970 “The Killy Challenge” TV series.)

Trivia 2023 Week 17

When was the first Sugar Slalom held on Mount Mansfield in Stowe?

Trivia 2023 Week 16

Who was the women’s U.S. National Mogul Champion in 1984? Also that year she was named the U.S. Ski Team Athlete of the Year!

Trivia 2023 Week 15

Who was awarded the first United States ski boot patent?

Trivia 2023 Week 14

Who was the last Canadian woman to win a slalom Gold medal in either the World Championships or Olympics? And a follow up, what U.S. woman had to settle for the Silver that year?

Trivia 2023 Week 13

Mikaela Shiffrin just set the record for most World Championship medals. When did she win her first World Championship medal?

Trivia 2023 Week 12

What city has a tram to access the Aiguille du Midi?

Trivia 2023 Week 11

What two ski areas make up l’Espace Killy?

Trivia 2023 Week 10

What ski area had the first ski gondola in the United States?

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