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Trivia 2021 Week 19

What is the latest ski season closing date for Stowe Mountain Resort?

Trivia 2021 Week 18

What American man has won the most overall FIS Alpine World Cups?

Trivia 2021 Week 17

Marc Girardelli won 5 overall FIS World Cups. What was unique about his ski boots?

Trivia 2021 Week 16

Who is credited with the quote “It is better to go skiing and think of God, than go to church and think of skiing.”?

Trivia 2021 Week 15

We’re coming up on the 50th anniversary of what is generally considered to be the first freestyle competition in the United States although they actually called it a “Freestyle Exhibition.” Where was that first Freestyle Exhibition held?

Trivia 2021 Week 14

What alpine skier holds the record for most consecutive seasons with at least one FIS World Cup win? (There are actually two possible correct answers to this question.)

Trivia 2021 Week 13

What Vermont Governor was in the ski rack business?

Trivia 2021 Week 12

In 1972 before the Denver Olympic Organizing Committee had to give up its hopes for the Olympics, what ski area did the DOOC decide would host the Alpine ski events?

Trivia 2021 Week 11

The 1976 Winter Olympics were held in Innsbruck, Austria, but where were they supposed to be held?

Trivia 2021 Week 10

What year did the Stowe Toll House double chairlift begin operation?

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