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Trivia 2019 Week 20

What is the record snow depth set in the 1968-69 season at the Mount Mansfield stake?

Trivia 2019 Week 19

The lift attendants manage every lift line at the resort with the call of “front row!” What ski area is it?

Trivia 2019 Week 18

In 1941 the state of Vermont started charging Stowe skiers to park in the Mansfield lot. What did the state charge for parking? Bonus points for the year the state stopped charging!

Trivia 2019 Week 17

What new lift did Stowe install for the 1968-69 season?

Trivia 2019 Week 16

Where were the FIS Alpine World Cup finals held for the 1968-69 season?

Trivia 2019 Week 15

When did Sepp Ruschp arrive in Stowe?

Trivia 2019 Week 14

Who is known as “the father of modern skiing?”

Trivia 2019 Week 13

What organization’s motto is “Climb to Glory?”

Trivia 2019 Week 12

Why is yellow a common choice for the color of goggle lenses?

Trivia 2019 Week 11

Why is Vail called Vail?

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