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Trivia 2018 Week 8

How did Squaw Valley’s KT-22 get its name?

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Betsy Snite

On Saturday February 20, 1960 my family was huddled around our black-and-white TV to watch the women’s downhill at the Squaw Valley winter Olympics. I say huddled around because the reception for the CBS channel was pretty bad and made … Continue reading

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Trivia 2018 Week 7

What Vermont woman won a silver medal in Slalom at the 1960 Squaw Valley Olympics?

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Mel Dalebout’s Daleboot

Mel Dalebout got hooked on skiing in the late 1940s while he was an engineering student at the University of Utah. He became proficient enough that he raced nationally within the United States. With the advent of plastic ski boots … Continue reading

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Trivia 2018 Week 6

What concept in ski boot design did Daleboot introduce in the late 1960s?

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Die Hard Rear-Entry Boots

Last winter while Meg and I were in Utah, some Vermont friends came out to visit and ski. One of those friends was Ed Trottier who was skiing in 25 year old Salomon SX-91 boots! We had a laugh since … Continue reading

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