Trivia 2018 Week 7

What Vermont woman won a silver medal in Slalom at the 1960 Squaw Valley Olympics?

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4 Responses to Trivia 2018 Week 7

  1. nancy twitty says:

    1960 was Penny Pitou-New Hampshire

  2. norma stancliffe says:

    Betsy Snite maybe?-Bill Riley’s wife!

  3. Tim Griffin says:

    Betsy Snite……SKI THE EAST! Home of, or training ground of the best US. skiers!
    Mikela Shiffren ….Burke MT.. According to Bode Miller, ” Best ski
    Racer Ever”. I have to agree with Bode!
    Think snow! Griff

    • LCS says:

      Didn’t Betsy win the slalom and Penny won the other two… or was it the other way around? Your articles are in the senior skiing from October 2010 to the present, but I should be working instead of cyber-surfing!

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